Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy: A Non-Surgical Alternative

For people experiencing eye muscle problems that have adversely affected their sight, the initial options for repair may seem drastic. Eye surgery is often suggested. However, there is a non-surgical alternative called vision therapy. This is not merely a series of exercises -- the therapy is a well-rounded process that helps both strengthen your eyes and improve your visual processing. Noble Vision Center in Greensburg, PA, offers vision therapy, and this may be a much better solution for you.

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Vision Therapy Is Like Physical Therapy for Your Sight

Vision therapy uses a series of exercises and procedures to improve how your brain and eyes communicate. The program you go through has to be done with an optometrist and a vision therapist (though the person you work with could be both). The program is customized to your needs, and it's easiest to think of this type of therapy as a form of physical and occupational therapy for your sight.

The procedures you go through may include physical exercises for your eye muscles, but those would be only a part of the whole therapy. Many people confuse vision therapy with those at-home eye exercise programs that promise to reduce your prescription for your eyeglasses, but the two are not the same. You can have 20/20 vision in both eyes but still need vision therapy because you never learned the visual skills necessary to read text without getting eye fatigue.

Rather than assume you're just in need of a really strong prescription, or that something is physically wrong and you need surgery to correct it, you may just need to go through this therapy that uses lenses, prisms, patches, target-training programs, and other specialized tools. Vision therapy has been shown to be effective for physical issues such as amblyopia. And because improving that condition can help improve reading and learning, the therapy has been used with some success to help people improve in school because now they can read without experiencing visual fatigue or pain.

When you see an optometrist in Greensburg, you'll go through an initial vision exam and associated testing to determine what is really happening with your eyes and why you're having the issues you are. Once the causes are known, the optometrist (and possibly a separate vision therapist) will create a therapy program specifically for you. You'll have to go back to the office probably once to twice a week.

Try Vision Therapy for Your Eyes

Before you decide that surgery is the only option, contact Noble Vision Center in Greensburg, PA, at 724-837-1240. Talk to a vision therapist in Greensburg first to see if this therapy is appropriate for your condition.


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