Specialty Contact Lenses

Treating Keratoconus with Specialty Contact Lenses

Glasses may compensate for mild keratoconus -- but as soon as the condition progresses, this form of correction loses its effectiveness. Regular soft contacts are also used up to a point, mainly because they simply duplicate the abnormal corneal shape when they're inserted. For this condition, specialty contact lenses are the answer. Our Greenburg optometrist, Dr. Noble, can discuss several options with you, including:

  • Scleral contact lenses - This popular option for keratoconus maintains a rigid, consistent sphere as it vaults over the entire cornea.
  • RPG contact lenses - Rigid gas permeable contacts of various sizes maintain a constant shape instead of conforming to the surface of the cornea. (Scleral contacts are the largest RGP lens option.)
  • Specialized soft contacts - Specialized soft contact made of state-of-the-art hydrogel materials may succeed where ordinary soft contacts would fail.
  • Hybrid or piggyback contacts - Hybrid contacts offer the visual clarity of RGP lenses plus the comfort of a soft outer rim. Piggyback contacts involve an RGP lens sitting on top of a soft lens.

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