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Noble Vision Center is excited to announce that Dr. Alexa Ives will be joining the practice in June, 2019. Dr. Noble understands the importance of high quality and thorough eye care, which is why she carefully selected Dr. Ives to join our team. We can't wait for you to meet Dr. Ives!

Happy Fall Everyone!

Noble Vision Center will be open this Saturday, October 19th, from 8 am - 11 am. 

Welcome to Noble Vision Center!

Welcome to Noble Vision Center, your family's one-stop shop for primary eye health and vision care in Greensburg, PA. Our optometry clinic is proud to offer high-quality preventative exams, corrective lenses, eye treatment and other services for area residents of all ages. From our initial founding half a century ago to our current expanded location on 124 South Pennsylvania Ave, we've become a Greensburg institution. We hope you'll take the time to look through this website to get an idea of how we can enhance your life -- and that you'll also go ahead and schedule a visit to our clinic!

Meet Our Greensburg Optometrist

Our Greensburg optometrist, Dr. Natalie Noble, is a "legacy" in the industry -- a 4th-generation optometrist and a graduate of The New England College of Optometry. Dr. Noble purchased this longstanding clinic in 2013 and has been serving the needs of Greensburg individuals and families here ever since. Her skill and experience as a medical optometrist enables her to provide a variety of specialized solutions, from myopia control for children to keratoconus treatment. From your very first visit to our clinic, we're confident that you'll be happy to entrust your family's eyes to Dr. Noble.

Eye and Vision Services for the Whole Family

Just as you would rely on your family doctor to take care of a wide range of primary care issues, you can rely on Noble Vision Center to provide an equally wide range of eye and vision services for the whole family. We offer:

  • Comprehensive adult and pediatric eye exams and vision testing
  • Lifestyle-oriented approach to vision correction with glasses and contact lens solutions
  • Eyeglasses in a variety of cutting-edge lens options and designer frame styles
  • Vision therapy evaluations to correct amblyopia and other functional vision disorders
  • Advanced diagnostic techniques to for early detection of ocular diseases and disorders
  • Emergency and walk-in visits for for acute infections, injuries, and foreign body removal
  • Primary management of glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and cataracts
  • Specialized contacts for presbyopia, keratoconus, astigmatism, dry eye and "hard to fit" issues
  • Myopia Control techniques for children including Atropine and contact lens options
  • Evaluations and co-management for LASIK and cataract surgery

In addition to these services, we pride ourselves in offering ongoing guidance and education so our patients will understand how they can keep their eyes healthy between those annual or bi-annual exams.

Schedule an Appointment with Noble Vision Center Today!

We look forward to helping you and your loved ones enjoy a lifetime of optimal eyesight.  Schedule an appointment online or call us at 724-837-1240!


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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Fantastic, thorough eye doctor and pleasant office team."
    Laura M.
  • "Dr. Noble is very knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly. If there is a problem she does not hesitate to trouble shoot. Her office is very modern with beautiful décor and she has quality equipment to assess your needs. The staff is very welcoming and competent."
    Josephine H.
  • "Very helpful and caring Take the extra time to get it right"
    James M.
  • "Everything about my visit to Noble Vision Center couldn't have been easier. A great team of professional people helping me with my eye care."
    Linda C.
  • "Dr.Noble you are a blessing!!"
    Hannah T.
  • "Great place, staff, service. The only drawback is the location--it's far for me to drive (from Pittsburgh)."
    Elisabeth C.
  • "Finally an eye doctor who listens and cares. Was so happy to see how they actually took the time with my son with his contacts too. My previous eye doctors office had no time for that. Thank you Dr. Noble and staff."
    Sherry G.
  • "The doctor and assistants are very thorough"
    Brenda J.
  • "Wonderful pleasant care and attention! Thanks for taking the extra time helping me pick my glasses for the first time!"
    Holly S.
  • "Friendly, excellent service; optometrist is very knowledgeable and professional; staff will go above and beyond to help you out"
    Kelly V.
  • "Very relaxed and professional environment, all employees and Dr. Noble were very helpful."
    David A.
  • "We just moved to the area about 2 months ago and we chose Dr. Noble as our optometrist. Glad we did. She was great. The whole staff was very friendly, helpful, and caring."
    Amanda P.
  • "Dr. Noble and her associates are wonderful. Dr. Noble is caring and has great work ethic! Very personable and professional!!"
    Hannah T.
  • "Dr Noble very friendly and knowledgeable. Very clean and modern office. Staff was very friendly as well."
    Paige S.
  • "This was the best I was ever treated at a Dr's office. My eyes definitely got a thorough exam and everyone I came in contact with was kind, friendly and professional. Keep up the good work - I will definitely be back for future eye exams & will highly recommend you to anyone who asks! 😊"
    Jodi M.
  • "Friendly and thorough service! Dr. Noble answered all my questions and took the time to listen to my concerns."
    Katlyn S.
  • "Natalie worked with me and got me a contac to give me 20-20 vision after having cataract surgery and developing a fungal infection. I had 2 major surgeries and they had to remove the capsule from my eye and it was a long ordeal before i had any sight. She is great and i would recommend her to everyone that is looking for a good eye dr."
    Norene C.
  • "Staff and personnel seem efficient and are kind. Appointments are easy to get and on time."
    Brenda J.
  • "I really like Noble Vision. The office staff and the doctor are fantastic."
    Brett C.
  • "The visit was made to check the status of my vision since the last visit about 6 months ago. I went through several tests in a timely manner and it was determined that my vision had not changed sufficiently to justify the need for new glasses. The crew was very efficient and I was able to complee all tests but one in less than 1 hour. Every one was friendly and I would heartily recommend this practice to anyone needing eye care."
    James S.
  • "The service is excellent from the time you walk I the door!! Great customer service and everyone is very knowledgeable of their jobs!!!"
    William S.
  • "very friendly and a great place for your eye exam."
    Daniel H.
  • "GREAT staff! Dr. Noble listens to all your concerns. I always feel she listens to all my concerns"
    Bill P.
  • "I am impressed with the staff and service at Noble Vision Center."
    Jennifer V.
  • "Dr Noble and staff provide a very professional and personal care for my eyes. The office atmosphere is always relaxing, yet informative. I feel confidence that I am receiving the most thorough eyecare. I did have to wait longer than expected but that has been the exception not the norm."
    Kathleen D.
  • "Been very happy going here with our son and now my husband and me. Love her !! She is a great doctor !"
    Denise F.
  • "Dr. Noble and her staff are very kind, courteous & respectful. I've seen cornea specialists in Pittsburgh and they've spoke very highly of Dr. Noble, saying "You won't find too many better doctors than Dr. Noble.""
    David K.
  • "Office is very clean and modern, and there are virtually no wait times after you arrive for your appointment. Staff is very friendly and accommodating."
    Donald G.
  • "Everyone in the office was very professional. Very up to date office."
    Julia B.
  • "All staff is friendly. I never have to wait"
    Bill P.
  • "Great job,felt relaxed taking the test. You know what your doing.😎"
    David S.
  • "Love the service and staff!"
    Laura D.
  • "Scheduling appointments through the internet is a very convenient service. It provides a quick way to set things up with a calendar in front of you to verify your own schedule."
    Rodney K.
  • "Great staff. Dr. Noble was wonderful to deal with. Spent a lot of time with me. Explained everything. Offered many solutions."
    Christy W.
  • "The service was awesome. The doctor and her staff were so caring and pleasant as well as very knowledgeable."
    Alexis M.
  • "Excellent cut and styling."
    Rebecca D.
  • "Loved my experience here. Professional, friendly and patient to listen and provide resolve."
    Carol B.
  • "I recommend this vision center without reservation. Dr. Noble is an exceptional practitioner. She was very thorough, patient and understanding. She made me feel comfortable as she listened intently and responded to all my questions and concerns. She was honest and direct. I left there feeling knowledgeable about my issues and very satisfied with the treatment plan."
    Carlotta P.
  • "Great Staff. Never wait. Excellent atmosphere"
    Bill P.
  • "Staff and physician were friendly....not rushed. Hands were washed and alcohol wipes were used on equipment. Questions were answered. Everything was written down and given to me."
    Mary S.
  • "So satisfied with ambiance customer service efficiency and vision care."
    Renee G.
  • "Absolutely great staff! I’ve gone here twice for myself so far and had great experiences. Then I recently took my 5 year old for his first eye exam and they were absolutely wonderful with him. Very kind. Very patient. I would recommend this office to anyone I know. :)"
    Robert III N.
  • "My visits to Nobel have been very pleasant experiences. Everyone that I come in contact with is helpful, friendly and courteous. The doctor, I can honestly say, is the best OD in the field that I have ever encountered. Dr. Noble is exemplary in her patient interaction. She is kind, patient and explains everything in detail. She does not mind answering questions and addresses any concerns you raise. I think she is wonderful and I would recommend her without reservation."
    Carlotta P.
  • "Dr. Noble is very professional and easily approachable on questions/concerns regarding my eye health. Under her direction, I was able to and qualify for lasik surgery, which was the best decision that I had to have done."
    Joseph A.
  • "Dr. Noble is very nice. I didn’t feel rushed. The staff was very friendly."
    Georgetta P.
  • "Dr. Noble is a consummate professional. She is attentive to her patients and provides excellent eye care. The office staff is personable and helpful."
    Marc T.
  • "I would never go anywhere else.... dr.noble and staff are fantastic!"
    Annabella D.
  • "The Noble Vision Center is excellent. Their Customer Service is what continues my visits to them. The staff is friendly and very helpful when choosing frames and lenses. Dr Noble is so thorough, you leave knowing you are under the care of a top first class practitioner."
    Robin H.
  • "Kindness very friendly and very thorough they have a great team there"
    Michele S.
  • "Dr. Noble and her staff are the best around. I would highly recommend them."
    Chris B.
  • "Thank You, Dr. Noble, Sally and Paige. Your skills, kindness and friendship make this difficult road easier to travel. With your help, I really think I'll make it through!"
    Jean Buhite, Kittanning, PA
  • "I started seeing Dr. Natalie Noble in January 2014 after my contact lens fitter of many years had retired and I was referred to Dr. Noble by him.This was a stressful time for me because I had been dealing with keratoconus in both eyes for many years and the thought of having to start again with a new doctor who wasn't familiar with my long, complex history seemed nearly overwhelming. I am a "high-maintenance" patient needing gas-permeable contacts that have at times been quite challenging to fit."
  • "Something I appreciated most about Dr. Noble was that she helped me understand that there were several options available and if one didn't work out, we would try another. How I continue to appreciate that encouragement and hope as I live with the challenge of major eye issues!"
  • "I have to say that I felt immediately at home when I walked through the office door for my first appointment. Office staff, Sally and Paige, were welcoming and very friendly. After meeting Dr. Noble and discussing my history and after a thorough exam, I knew I was in the care of a competent and caring person who would work with me to achieve the best possible vision and comfort."

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